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Marble Launches “World’s Best Meat” Selection

As an extension of the renowned restaurant’s mission to provide an international class experience to its customers; Marble has added a special selection of the world’s best meat to its menu.

Call it obsessive, call it enthusiastic or simply call it a love of quality. Marble, South Africa’s leading live-fire restaurant, doesn’t mind what you want to call their infatuation, as long as you come and experience it. As a further extension to its focus on providing customers with an international-level experience, Marble has launched a new “speciality meats” selection to their menu which includes top cuts from local and international producers.

“At Marble, our entire team is as obsessed with our meat as we are with every other detail,” explains Chef David Higgs. “We believe it’s what defines us as enthusiasts – for hospitality, service, quality consistency – and, meat. We’re now taking this further by choosing to source only the very best beef from producers who prize quality above all else.”

One international producer has been added to the menu, alongside two top local options in order to provide customers with a variety of dishes to choose from.

The producers are:

RR Ranch Northwest Meat, Washington State, USA: Family owned since 1968, RR Ranch is not simply a leading beef producer in the United States but is internationally revered and awarded for its levels of marbling. Unparalleled when it comes to consistency, integrity and sustainability.

Marble Launches “World’s Best Meat” Selection It's a Gauteng Thing

  • RIB-EYE ON THE BONE 350g: 45-day wet aged
  • RIB-EYE ON THE BONE 900g: 60-day dry-aged
  • FILLET 250g
  • TOMAHAWK STEAK 700g: 45-day wet aged


Migo’s Jersey Beef, Tsitsikamma: Three generations have dedicated their craft to hand-rearing hormone- and stimulant-free, pasture-fed, open-roaming cattle. Yielding a succulently flavourful prime cut with a signature Jersey tinge of beautiful, buttery fat.

  • T-BONE 750g: 42-day dry-aged
  • SIRLOIN ON THE BONE 750g: 42-day dry-aged
  • RUMP 300g: 30-day wet aged


Chalmar Beef, South Africa: At Chalmar, the perfect balance of science and heart translate to tender, juicy beef of extraordinary quality in every cut.

Marble Launches “World’s Best Meat” Selection It's a Gauteng Thing

  • PRIME RIB 800g: 30-day wet aged
  • T-BONE 800g: 30-day wet aged

“Not everyone can travel to New York, Tokyo, Paris or London to experience some of the best restaurants in the world, but we can provide it to them right here in Johannesburg,” explains Gary Kyriacou of Marble. “We want to make sure that all of our guests can have the opportunity to experience international wine and spirits, food, service and quality – and we’re bringing it to them.”

Marble is open seven days a week for lunch and dinner. To learn more, visit, to book call them on 010  594 5550 or email 

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