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Introducing Mugg & Bean’s New Espresso Blend

 – Nutty, Warm Spice and Dark Chocolate with a Hint of Sweetness –

Did you know that Arabica coffee beans come from an Arabian coffee shrub, also known as “mountain coffee” and the earliest, documented domestic consumption dates back to the 12th century?

 Mugg & Bean is thrilled to announce the new Espresso Blend, which aims to keep the Mugg & Bean coffee credentials at the top of our game.

The Arabica coffee bean from the Coffea Arabica plant is the most popular coffee bean with its rich taste and superior caffeine composition. The highest quality beans come from the likes of Ethiopia, Columbia, and Guatemala which is exactly where Mugg & Bean will be sourcing our new Espresso beans from.

The new blend offers a warm spicey taste underpinned by dark chocolate and nut undertones with a hint of natural sweetness. Coffee fans can expect a unique, rich taste with every smooth mouthful thanks to the espresso-making process that preserves the coffee oils presenting its drinkers with a deliciously aromatic cup of coffee.

“To keep on top of our coffee credential game, our food procurement team have been exploring and tasting a host of coffee bean options over recent months and putting each variation to the test,” says Liesl Gruber Marketing Executive from Mugg & Bean . “It is important to us that as we stay true to the Mugg & Bean promise of only offering the best coffees from around the world that our experts’ source and prepare for our customers and friends.”

The new Espresso Blend will be phased into all Mugg & Bean stores across South Africa from July 2019. For more information, visit M&B online or connect on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram

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